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“Dan’s Papers has worked with Mazzu for a number of our events and we continue to ask her back because of the compliments we get. We tend to cater to a very discerning audience and from presentation to quality to taste, Mazzu makes us look great.”

“Hands down the best food I have EVER tasted in my life. Pure Joy and Happiness!”

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“Chef Mazzu, Your cooking cannot be described in words, simply eating your food is an experience like no other. God bless your hands and heart for being a warm and professional chef. Thank you for catering my organization’s events and I recommend your Master Chef skills for any occasion.”

John Botos

“Chef Mazzu has such a diversified knowledge of organic cooking and food combining rules for optimum digestion without losing any flavors. Her cooking is very original and very creative with sauce. She is best well known for a wide range of French and Mediterranean cooking and makes most delicious gluten free bread and deserts. Her gluten free almond cookies flavored with cinnamon and baked with grass fed organic butter is so tasty that its perfect for any occasion. Chef Mazzu is happiest when creating dishes that makes people happy. Whet ever and whenever she cooks, she pours in all of her joy into her creation. Chef Mazzu’s presentation is very French and Brazilian and always impeccable.”

Dr. Joanne Mercer


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